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A home cook knows the importance of an oven. If you have an oven in your home, you may have dealt with various breakdowns in the past. When an oven breaks down at the least convenient time, most people would try DIY techniques to repair it. But an electrical appliance is something that you shouldn’t mess with unless you are a qualified electrician. The best thing is to rely on a professional oven repair service in the area.

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Many things could go wrong with an oven. In fact, even the highest quality oven can malfunction after some years of operation. Here are some of the most common signs that you need professional help to inspect and repair your oven and get back in the kitchen once again.


  • The oven is not generating heat – If the lights are on but no preheating is taking place, it might be an issue with the sensor or element. On the other hand, if no lights are coming on, check if the power outlet is working. Make sure the problem is not due to the electrical board tripping. If the lights in the oven trip when switching the oven on, switch the oven off, and call one of our expert technicians to repair the appliance. Make sure you don’t use the oven until it is repaired. 
  • The oven doesn’t heat up as high as it should – Getting the space in an oven to heat evenly is quite difficult because every oven is different. You need to experiment while cooking to find the best spot in the oven to place the food. If the oven heats but not up to the desired mark, there could be a problem with the sensor or element of the oven. The thermostat also can cause the issue. This problem should be addressed immediately so that the oven doesn’t stop completely.
  • The door of the oven isn’t shutting – Oven doors can go out of alignment easily. If the gap is small and negligible, you can still use the appliance. But the unit won’t be effective because the cool air will flow in and disrupt the temperature inside the oven.

Whether the problem is serious or not, you should address this issue immediately. If not, it can affect the efficiency of the appliance and shorten its lifespan. Call one of our expert appliance repair technicians to repair the oven immediately.


These are some of the most common problems with ovens. But many other things can go wrong with an electrical oven. The best thing is fixing these problems is quick and easy when you rely on a professional and experienced appliance repair service such as Appliance Repair Pros Elk Grove. You can set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling us or hitting the contact button below.


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